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How Much Carbon Does Planting a Tree Offset?

carbon offset tree planting

In 2019, scientists calculated that the world could offset a lot of our carbon dioxide pollution by planting over 1.2 trillion trees, without encroaching on farmland or urban areas. They found that there are approximately 1.7 billion hectares of land that could be used to grow trees – an area bigger than the US and […]

What Is a Tree Garden?

Tree Garden

A tree garden is simply a garden adorned with trees to give it more substance, colour and character. If you select the right species, you can create a beautiful tree garden that elevates the natural space you have. Tree gardens are also known as arboretums. They are mainly grown for botanical, communal or aesthetic reasons […]



In July 2019, Ethiopia made headlines worldwide through forestation after claiming its people had collectively planted 350 million trees in 12 hours. This mass planting of trees effort was a world record. In fact, the story was so popular that other governments soon made similar pledges. Britain’s Jeremy Corbyn pledged to plant two billion trees […]