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Tar Sands Oil Extraction and Its Devastating Impacts (Video)

Watch our video to find out what tar sands oil extraction is and its devastating impacts On 20th January 2021, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order on his first day in office cancelling the Canadian Keystone pipeline. Now, another pipeline from Canada into the US is causing controversy. At the heart of the dispute […]

Tar Sands Network: TransCanada’s Pipelines

Tar Sands Network

The tar sands network is growing, and yet another pipeline company has put forward a proposal to get Alberta’s dirty and dangerous crude to the ocean, so it can be shipped overseas in supertankers. Tar sands network As TransCanada awaits the less-than-certain fate of the Keystone XL pipeline, it has devised a new plan to […]

What is the problem with Alberta sands?

What is the problem with Alberta Sands

It is known as Canada’s “dirty oil” but what is the actual problem with Alberta sands1? Oil sands projects extract and transport oil in a hugely environmentally detrimental way which is unmatched across the world. In this article we will explore the specific problems that subsequently mark Alberta sands as an environmental disaster. The oil […]